Supply Chain Issues Continue in 2021

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Oct 10
Shipping container ship in port at dusk.
Aluminum raw materials

The Back Story

As we enter month 19 of the COVID-19 pandemic in Richmond, Virginia, Sunspace of Richmond wanted to update our customers on supply chain issues that continue to evolve in all parts of manufacturing. We rely heavily on the supply chain to complete our three season rooms. When the supply chain is disrupted, it affects our ability to get the materials we need to complete projects within the timeline we would like. As the situation evolves, we request patience and understanding from our customers. Many of the following items are not under our control, but they do affect how we are able to deliver our product. 

Supply chain difficulties

Since the beginning of the pandemic, various issues have come up along the supply chain. Some of those are a shortage of workers (truck drivers, ship operators, train operators, warehouse and dock workers), a shortage of shipping containers, and shortage of raw materials. The global economy shut down in various waves around the world. As it has restarted, many pieces of the supply chain have had issues restarting. As economies have opened back up and consumers are purchasing things again, this high demand has wiped out some areas of the supply chain and everything hasn't quite leveled out again yet.
Source: Forbes

World events

In an already strained economic environment from the existing issues caused by COVID-19, there have also been several natural disasters around the world. Floods and hurricanes have closed major rivers and ports in the US and abroad. Some countries have restricted shipping into the United States which can affect our ability to get materials in a timely manner or at the volume we would like. In September, a military coup in Ginea, an African country that produces bauxite - a key component of aluminum, caused its production to halt.

Source: The Washington Post

How does this affect me and my project?

Firstly, normal timelines have been extended, and sometimes through no fault of our team. We don’t know exact delivery dates on products or components of our three season rooms and many times, even though we try to get updates, we don't receive updated communication from our supply partners. 

Secondly, pricing has been affected. Costs have shifted throughout the supply chain and as they change it might impact our end pricing to our customers.

We ask for your patience. We do our best to stay proactive with our project timelines. Our team is addressing these issues daily with our suppliers. If you have concerns, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to discuss your project.

Hoping to get a new three season room?

We'd suggest reaching out to our sales team before the holidays to ensure you can be enjoying your new three season room by Spring.