Top 10 Questions About Your New Sunroom

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Mar 12

Top 10 Questions About Your Sunroom a few extra

After years of installing sunrooms, we know quite a bit about how to efficiently and effectively install a quality sunroom. Below are the frequently asked questions some of our customers have asked.

  1. How durable or sturdy is this?
    Our industrial grade vinyl is sturdy enough for a grown man to stand on. This means that that our sunrooms are safe for you and your family.
  2. What happens if it gets damaged?
    Sunspace of Richmond replaces the vinyl in your sunroom for free for as long as you own it.
  3. Do you have matching doors?
    Yes, we have French doors and matching doors in all sunroom colors.
  4. What colors do you have?
    Sunspace of Richmond offers 5 colors of sunroom framing to choose from: black, white, driftwood, bronze and gray.
  5. How much do these sunroom projects cost?
    The average sized pre-existing porch conversion project (converting an existing space to a sunroom) is between $5k and $10k. We build complete structures as well and those projects range from $28k to $60k, or more depending on your square footage and details of the project. If you have any fixed budget concerns, please communicate that and we can let you know what's possible.
  6. How long does a sunroom like this take?
    The total process can take 4-5 weeks from first meeting to final completion. After we take measurements for you new sunroom, we place your custom order and the pieces are fabricated at the home office. Because of this, our on-site installations usually take 1-2 days. 
  7. Will the vinyl get cloudy or turn yellow over time?
    No. Your vinyl windows will stay clear for the life of the product. Because this is commercial grade memory vinyl, it will stay clear as long as your sunroom is in operation.
  8. Can I clean the sunroom windows?
    Yes, if you want to. Use warm water and mild detergent. Use a soft cloth and pop out sashes to clean by hand. Or use the Easy Button - our daughter Hannah can come clean your sunroom. Contact us if you'd like to schedule her services.
  9. Do the enclosures come in specific sizes?
    No. We visit each customer and measure for your exact space. The enclosures are then custom made in an efficient, high-speed manufacturing process. This efficient process helps keep your costs affordable, while giving you a custom room that fits your tastes.
  10. Can I choose my window size?
    Sort of. There are several customizable options for the windows. Choose from several pre-configured options to include opening vertically or horizontally. You can also customize the number of window sashes in each opening.
  11. Will you work with our contractor?
    Yes. We are happy to work with homeowners and contractors. To fit your needs, we can provide materials to the contractor or handle the complete installation of your sunroom ourselves.
  12. Have you ever worked with homeowners’ associations?
    Oh yes. Plus, we have gotten approval from every homeowners’ association we’ve had to submit to.
  13. What is the process for installing a sunroom or converting my existing porch into a sunroom?
    These are the typical steps:

    In the first meeting, come out and measure your space, in detail, exact openings, take photos, go over options on how to do it.

    Our team will create a detailed proposal for your project and an itemized scope of work. Once that's completed, we will send for your review and approval.

    We work with you to align on a scope of work.

    Upon approval of estimate / scope, clients submit a 50% deposit and signs a contract.

    Sunspace places the order for your custom sunroom components.

    Parts generally take 4 weeks to get fabricated and sent to Richmond.

    Sunspace coordinates the installation which takes roughly 1-2 days.

    Upon final installation, the second half deposit is due.

    Sunspace of Richmond follows up with each client to ensure 100% satisfaction.
We guarantee your sunroom. Period. We will be sure that it works properly for the life of your product. We come back to fix any manufacturing flaw so that you are happy with your new sunroom.